It’s worth mentioning that SmartKit theme and the bundled plugins should be better kept up to date, since the updates not only add new features and demo content, but also fix bugs, improve performance and make the software stay compatible with newer WordPress versions.

Updating the theme

There are two ways of how to update SmartKit: automatic and manual.

Automatic theme update

The easiest way to update the theme is to use the automatic update method. To enable it, you need to register the theme license.

  1. After license registration navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Updates page.
  2. If SmartKit has an update, it will be listed on this page. You can also force updates by clicking on the button Check again.
  3. If a new theme version of SmartKit is available, select the theme and click Update Themes.

Manual theme update

If by any chance automatic theme update doesn’t work for you, you can allways use the manual method.

  1. Download a new SmartKit theme version from your account.
  2. Activate the default WordPress theme in your website’s admin area.
  3. Delete the old version of the theme in /wp-content/themes/.
  4. Upload and extract the archive with the theme files to the same folder.
  5. Activate SmartKit theme.