Earn with us

Earn with us and get 30% per each sale and renew!
Income from one sale starts from $15

RegisterAffiliate area

How the program works?

Generate an URL

Generate an URL and place it on your site to be noticed

Following the link

Whenever a customer clicks on the link he is redirected to KRAFT Studio

Making a purchase

The customer makes a purchase on KRAFT Studio

Get commission

You get 30% from the purchase or renew for each customer!

Affiliate program FAQ

How can I become an affiliate?

KRAFT Studio is happy to welcome all the new affiliates! To join the program you’d need to have a website, where you should be able to add a unique affiliate link to KRAFT Studio to be visible for all the visitors. Please, fill in the form to join and start earning money for new clients at KRAFT Studio!

Will I get 30% from each purchase made using my affiliate link?

Yes, you’ll receive 30% from each successful purchase made by the client who was redirected from your site via the affiliate link. Affiliate commission also apply to the license renews.

What payment system should I use to get the money?

KRAFT Studio team makes payments using PayPal. This means You need to have a valid PayPal email address assigned to Your account to receive the payments.

If I have a personal discount code for my audience, will I get money for purchases made with it but without my affiliate link?

No, you’ll get commissions only if a purchase made via your affiliate link.

What steps should I take to start taking part in the program?

  • Access your KRAFT Studio account and proceed to Affiliate area. Download banners from here.
  • Copy affiliate URLs located in Affiliate area and embed it on your website to make the visitors notice it.
  • When the potentially interested customer clicks on the link, he’s redirected to KRAFT Studio.
  • You get 30% of each successful purchase made by the customers that came from your site.

When will I get the earned money?

The minimum payment that can be processed is $100.

Usually the payment is made during the first 5 business days of the month that comes after the month which covers the 14 days money-back guarantee. Only after the guarantee expires the purchase is considered to be successful.

Where can I see that how much I’ve earned?

You’ll be able to see it in your account in the Affiliate area.