With SmartKit theme you can create modal windows with maximum flexibility using WPBakery Page Builder.
You can put any content in modal windows.

Modal windows can be shown under various conditions: by class, by timer, by scrolling, before the user leaves the site.

Show modal window

To close the modal window, press the close button or the ESC key.

Modal width

You can select different widths of the modal window.

Small modal window
Medium modal window
Modal window with container width
Fullscreen modal window

Close button position

You can select different positions of the close button.

Window right
Inside right
Window left
Inside left

Modal window position

You can select one of six positions for the modal window.

Top left
Top center
Top right
Bottom left
Bottom right

Background settings

As the background of the modal window, you can choose:

  • Color fill
  • Gradient fill
  • Image

To make the window look more contrast, activate the Overlay option.

Modal with a dark background
Modal with gradient
Modal with image
Modal without overlay
Modal with primary color overlay
Modal with gradient overlay