The carousel sequentialy shows wrapper components with custom content.

Loop options

It’s always possible to control the carousel manually, but also there are autoplay mode. Showing time is adjustable.

Manual mode
Autoplay mode

You can activate infinite loop mode.

Loop until last item
Infinite loop

Columns in carousel

It is possible to show slide elements at a time and place them in columns.
You can adjust the number of columns at different screen widths and set the gap between the columns.

Control buttons

There are 5 options for button placement:


For greater clarity, you can add bullets.

View area paddings

In the case of using items with shadow, an undesirable effect of cropping the shadow appears.
To avoid this effect, set extra padding for the view area.

Without paddings, there is the shadow cropping effect
If you set the paddings, the shadow is fully visible

Carousel contents

Any components can be placed in the carousel. For example, you can create a post carousel or testimonial carousel.